Moyoko Styler is manufactured with the highest specifications available to meet the needs of the stylists and consumers alike. 

Infrared Light – Reduces hair damage by 60%. Instead of burning, the iron it heats the hair up from inside out. Retaining moisture and increasing shine and manageability.

Ionic Generator  – helps emit ions into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions and make your hair smooth, frizz free and manageable, negative ions are activated by heat.

Swiwel Cord – 2 meter long, 360⁰ Swivel cord – better longevity and ease of use. No tangling. Maximizes durability.

Ceramic floating plates – These Tourmaline-infused plates are key in delivering the correct and constant (stable) amount of heat evenly along the section of hair. The floating plates also make it easy to perform flicks and curls.