Rivaldo is a born barber and stylist.

His journey with hair started when he was just 13 years old in his back  yard with a pair of clippers and an empty paint can for a chair. His passion became his career and he  joined Stellenbosch Hair Academy where he got the knowledge to back his already developing skill.  Rivaldo joined the team first as a barber at our Widow Maker on Long Street. It was a great way to really  master mens hair but really, Rivaldo had previously dabbled with womens hair too and the want to  continue learning this side to hair styling as well as the whole other avenue of colouring that exists in the  unisex salon environment overtook … In Rivaldo’s words; “My dream came true when I joined the scar  team and I was put outside my comfort zone and encouraged to express myself and grow my skills”.  Essentially, he’s an up and coming super stylist with an already expert gent-skill to his work and a hungry  and fast growing appetite for the skills and creativity found on the womens side of hair… Its a recipe for  greatness. On top of all that, he has a calm and ‘say very little – mean very much’ kind of way of going about his work. It is fairly clear that what he wants is that everyone in his chair (and elsewhere!) look and  feel beautiful.