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A tribute to our muse Mariaan. Not only has Mariaan been one of our very talented and loved scar stylists for more than 5 years now, she has also been in front of the camera for many scar campaigns as our very own scar face, our pin-up girl, in a hair pin sense.

– Just look at this face –

Mariaan started as an eager apprentice at scar and has flourished into a top stylist. She cuts with a passion that belongs to the young and talented. She is bold in her execution and soft in her delivery. She has a heart of gold and a face to match. She’s an unassumingly powerful stylist and her gentle nature is a wonderful contrast to her fierce and brave craft. Now, after many years, we will part ways (only on Kloof street – she’s always in our hearts) as she will embark on a new journey traveling the world. Have you heard of anything better? (Plans TBC…#stillunfolding obvs)

Thank you and goodbye to our beautiful Mariaan. Anyone who has met her, will know the magic. We cant wait to see you again Mariaan-le and wish you love, light and lessons on your journey. You are a pleasure to have watched flourish before our eyes as we have. We will miss having you in the salon and capturing you on the rooftops…

Your scar family

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