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         Client Feedback on Services 

While very rarely – and we are proud of this fact – we do sometimes get clients who are not entirely happy with the outcome of their hair. While this is very distressing for us as your hair looking AMAZING is our main goal, we also feel good that our clients feel they can let us know. Our main aim is for every client to walk out of the salon feeling great about their hair.  

We encourage our clients to communicate if their desired results have not been achieved. It is also very important to note that realistic expectations should be maintained and during the consultation process the stylist will communicate whether the hair dreams of the client can be achieved during a single visit. Many times it will require a hair plan with many visits, as the health of our clients hair is always our top priority. 

Should you not be entirely satisfied with the service performed, as what was discussed during the consultation process, it is scar’s policy to get you back to the salon as soon as possible. Please inform (by no later than 7 days after service has been done) our front desk as soon as possible or email us at [email protected] with your feedback and we will arrange a return date. All correction services, within reason, will be at no further cost to you.  

Alternatively, upon scar’s discretion and if it’s no option for you to return to the salon for the correction service, you may receive a refund. The conditions for a refund: 1) No further treatments, colour, cuts must have been performed by a third party after your service at scar. 2) You have to come back into scar so that the Floor Manager can assess your hair and whether the service warrants a refund. This is also so that we are able to learn from any errors that may have been made, if so. 

We will always aim to ensure that our clients remain with us and that they feel comfortable in the salon.