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Anyone got a light?

Thank you for understanding these dark times

There is no denying that our beautiful country has its challenges. By now we are also no doubt aware of how these challenges have affected small businesses around us. How any have even kept their doors open is a wonder and a miracle and we applaud everyone who deals with these issues daily. And monthly. And yearly!

Not too long ago it was good old fashioned water that had us spinning for the years circa 2020 when we were literally shut down, spun around and spat out again right in time to deal with the new issue; electricity.

Really; can South Africans get any more resilient? (If we did ever get a spare moment in between the absolute pandemonium it would be great to give ourselves a pat on the back for getting through any of it  (sadly we have hardly got a moment in between dealing with the issues caused by all this daily!)

It’s not easy for any of us and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier either. All we strive to do is our very best for you and for all our beautiful crew inside scar. And this does leave us feeling deflated often, because we are not always able to give our very best under these conditions and for that we are sorry.

We cannot hide the fact that Loadshedding itself; never mind all its unpredictable changes in stages (without much notice); double-never-mind all the damage it has done to our electronics along the way and the extra issues it has added to our every day… The list just goes on and we know it makes everyone frustrated especially when it shatters the standard of our service we are giving YOU and how it completely eliminates one of our core elements in the salon; Heat.

Luckily; we are able to work around some hair processes that do not require heat or dryers and we have done so but it’s not easy. Not for our clients and not for our team. When your craft (and literally your whole soul) lives and breathes every hair on your client’s head – it’s hard not to be able to perform at your usual peak. We thrive when you walk out of our salon with a gorgeous finished look, flicking the hair of your dreams back and forth.

The reality is, it is difficult to power up a hairdryer. (Of all things actually; hair dryers are one of the hardest things to get powered as they draw an incredible amount of surge). This has meant that some of the time our clients have had to walk out the salon with their hair not as finished as we (or they) would like.

Since our big move to Bree street (BEST MOVE EVER!) we have been plotting, researching and planning for our next big thing… getting us a bit off grid and a bit more help in the electricity department going forward!

Finally, the wait is nearly over. Our new solar system, will be installed in the coming weeks – as soon as the rain gives us a break – and will almost ensure that the salon goes along as normal as possible in power cuts (insert scream of joy here).These things are also by trial and error – so we will see how we go and attempt to take it slow…

Unfortunately those new massive aircons are not something we can realistically solar power BUT we will have created the capacity for a designated drying section or two which will be available SOON!

In the interim, please keep checking the City’s Zone 7 schedule. You will be aware ; it is difficult to predict the exact times as it varies weekly, depending on the week of the month, and the various stage. Our desk team will continue to do their best to contact you if your appointment has been scheduled in the confirmed time zone of loadshedding. You may have noticed that they call you if and as we are made aware of load shedding changes – so that you are able to reschedule or confirm if you would still like to come in. If you do keep your appointment during a power cut please know we will be doing our utmost to service you as close to normal as we are able to!
As mentioned, even with our solar setup we will have limited drying abilities but we are hoping to still be able to have you blown to perfection – as you should be – where ever we can.

We really have been managing this as best we can and are constantly looking at ways to make it better. All this; while literally dealing with it on the spot means that we are very aware of how many balls have been and still may be dropped.  Service has always been our pride and joy and it has been hard for us to know how much we have failed to deliver the same service that you are used to getting during our move, over our change of desk and then also, during these challenging times. We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hairy pits for your patience with us and for your understanding through it all and please know we are very aware and focused on getting it back up to scratch.

scar supports and cares for 28 beautiful souls – many of which are also going through daily battles and challenges of their own. Our focus is and has always been on them and our clients. That hasn’t changed – the challenges are just many and we value you and your compassion more than you know.


Literally; see you soon…. #lightsoon!