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Blowback : 2019 scar of the months

scar of the Month VOTED BY YOU for 2019.

Thank you to all our clients  (and official scar models!) for your support, for your hair and for your flair!

2019 clients who received our limited edition scar shirts for most liked Instagram picture:

January winner : Sera by Andrew

February winner : Ann by Robyn

March winner :  Alexis by Roxanne

April winner : Dante by Leandi

May winner : Ashley by Andre

June winner : Dominique by Andrew

July winner : Zoya by Verushka (also most liked of 2019!)

August winner : Jessi by Roxanne

September winner : Chrizane by Leandi

October winner : Lauren by Leandi

November winner : Sheri by Verushka

December winner : Chrizane (again!) by Leandi


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