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Elevating Woman Through Education

By September 12, 2019September 25th, 2019No Comments

Many who have been to scar will know that is made up of mostly women. And that we have a large number of people working with us. These range from our admin team, our stylists, to the people who assist stylists, to the desk management, stock controllers and cleaners.

It’s a family. It’s also a lot to manage. Especially in this current climate where everybody is feeling that much more strain than usual.
Many of our staff are among the population in SA with the least amount of education and the most amount of headaches. Most travel to and from work daily, in real danger and most are living in some of our highest crime rated areas and are living with the trauma of what that means daily.

It is an ongoing project of Jodi’s (one half of scar), to help to empower these women and to change the way that they feel about themselves to the point that it can begin to impact on their lives in a positive way.

This begins with education. With confidence. With commitment.

Jodi has been in talks with Daniel Meyerowitz, a South African living in Canada, over the last year when the first talks of a project in South Africa with The Hair Cares Foundation came about. The Hair Cares Foundation which is based in Canada, was founded by Is Salon owner Erin Whitney Moore. Erin and Daniel work together in Canada on the businesses much like we do here and they too have reached a point where they want to do more. Connecting with us here in SA has been the first step to do so.

This South African project with Hair Cares is so exciting for us to announce.

The Hair Cares Foundation collects donations from their clientele in the salons and from their website. These donations are intended for people who really need it and who want to elevate their current situation.

The partnership with scar in South Africa is managed by us and we aim to essentially elevate and empower through education.

scar is excited to have partnered with Hair Cares Foundation to provide an education and mentor 6 woman who are desperate to learn more and up their skills. We have always been firm believers in and we stand by education, so it was a no brainer to get involved when Hair Cares Foundation contacted us. The course will give these woman the basic fundamental understanding of hair skills and the confidence that will allow them to learn (and then earn) more. The first leg of our project has just kicked off and 6 of our team started with their education in August. They will be carefully monitored by scar and Hair Cares to make sure that the contributions are managed in such a way to get the most out of the open hearted clients of IS salons in Canada.

Interested candidates for the first round of training needed to elect to receive the training which was carefully curated by Davines here in SA. The colour (and basics of hair ) course has been specially made up for scar and these 6 women are receiving some of the best colour training available. Amber from Davines Education is heading up the course and we hope it is the first of many more to come. The reality of these womens situations means that saving any money – let alone being able to invest anything saved into education – is simply too much of a challenge to imagine.

We aim to make it that much easier for these ladies to imagine themselves in a better situation.

Established in May 2018, Hair Cares is a charity that aims to promote equality, empowerment and self-worth to underprivileged youth and young adults around the world.

In today’s climate especially and with the hardships that so many of our own staff never mind other South Africans face each day – we are so happy to be part of this initiative and to have it as another means of us being able to help and educate this we can. Helping to imagine, to create and now to facilitate a better future for these women is what an honour.

Well done to Andiswa, Lindiwe, Michelle, Busiseka, Tasneemha and Fatiema; through commitment and hard work they have been carefully elected as the 6 students.

Watch this space!

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