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Future of Hair

By May 7, 2021May 21st, 2021No Comments
Twincare Business Seminar

This year we are thrilllllled to be listening to our very own Running With Scissor Consult at the Twincare bi-annual business seminar later this month. (And the mere fact that one of our own is on the panel suggests to us that this will be worth every second, never mind the content that we see they are delving into here… We all need this sort of thing right now – and always actually). This seminar will be a powerful conversation between mostly salon owners, with real advice and ideas in an open platform. They will also be held in REAL LIFE (!). There is one in Cape Town and another in Johannesburg

Twincare International is one of the largest suppliers of professional hair, skin, nails and (… you guessed it:) beauty equipment products. 

They know a thing or five, and they have put together a team of know-it-alls to really get into it and talk about the industry in a way that’s meaningful and gives some real support where it’s so needed.

Basically, a whole lot of great people who can assist and guide a lot more great people! #supportingourindustry

The seminar aims to forecast where our industry is heading, what opportunities can be found there and to explore the business principles that will determine a salons success.


Topics will include:

1. Hairdressing 2030. (Yes, we are now IN the future).

2. Mindset for a new age.

3. Management in a time of change, response centered management.

4. How to save, create an industry

5. New retail. Managing stock and emerging opportunities.

6. The impact of social media on our marketing plan.

7.  The economies of your business.

8. Profit strategy, new challenges, new opportunities.


Twincare International


Cape Town 24th May

The Westin Convention Square, Lower Long Street, Cape Town


Johannesburg 31st May

Summer Place, 69 Melville Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg



Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm

PriceR1,500 per person

To book call 011 305 1600 or go to

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