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scar bar has joined forces with the Covert team and we are too excited for whats to come… is a boutique liquor distributor specialising in unique premium spirits for a discerning market.

We have finally got our good friends at Knysna Gin – its so knyiiiiiice-nah?.

The long and short: we have some of the best imported and LOCAL brands available and they are now also available to you ONLINE for delivery to your front door(dont be a)knob. (NEWS UPDATE : Prez banned alcohol for now but I’ll leave this here for when boooooooze is back…)

(Sidenote – this link below may also not work now #ffs  When we aren’t putting liquor on and off the site all day – we are still also actually a SALON!! )

Check it out and raid the booze cabinet here. 

With the current restrictions still in place; our scar bar inside the salon is still a #distantmemory, but the new one coming at you when we can really start to chop ‘n dop again; is something else!

Ludgero has hand picked some local beauties and some exotic foreigns for our current selection and keep an eye on what’s added as we curate to your needs…

CovertAfrica gives us that feeling of ; “these are people we want to spend time and work with”. Something that many people were already wanting to feel more, in life before covid and never mind now, post covid.  We are so happy to have joined forces with some true lovers of what they do. These guys love the brands they represent and the relationships are what stand out. We so look forward to this!

FROM COVID  to #Covert !

We cannot wait to have them inside making magic when the scar bar OPENS AGAIN

Did someone say: scar cocktails ?  Ponytail, anyone?

#Ponytail #scarbar #covert #convert


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