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Guy Does Hair… overseas…

By January 19, 2024January 22nd, 2024No Comments

Dear client of Guy and scar


You may have used the link and clicked through to this post – the text message was simply too long to be sent from our system as we had more than just a 100 characters to say about the imminent loss of this wonderful character…  Guy is leaving us – apparently; the 80’s are in an extended remix and London’s still calling…

(And if you have just stumbled onto this blog having not received a text from us; this is our ‘farewell on your travels’ tribute to a great stylist and our ‘hello: help-us-help-you’ to his clients left behind).


We know most of you are likely traumatized with the soon-to-be departure of our dear Guy to England.  We are too; but while sad to lose his presence and his gentle disposition in the salon; we couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead for him. The thought of his new adventures is very sweet and they are very very deserved. We will miss his talent, his logic, his calm, his humour, his style, his hair flick and concentration pout, his ability to help us with lightbulbs and other tall-people things, his flair, his skills in general and his sharing of them. Guy is a giving Guy and we thank him for that. The work, enthusiasm and time he has put in with our scarPrentices and everyone around him by default, is so valued. We love education and that is also a passion of Guy’s. One we wish him much success in pursuing in London.


Simply put; it has been a joy to have him (and his bike) with us these years.


We also know he will be back at some point so before getting too soppy —- back to YOUR HAIR!

Guy has, over the last while in your appointments, been recommending the right stylist on our team to take over once he relocates to eat fish ‘n chips but please send us a message and let us know if you are still lost about who to see as he has made it abundantly clear that he wants to help with this, even from afar. Really, he knows you and each of your styles and who is best suited to them. So holler and we can get you the stylist that will be the best fit.

We also welcome you in for a free consultation anytime that suits as this could help you to feel extra secure about your next cut. You will most likely already know Verushka and Andrew who are also available to point you in the right direction. (Each stylist has their unique style and abilities so once we have seen your hair it’s easier to imagine who should cut it.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we look forward to calming your mind and styling your hair…

Hairy Regards Always



PS. Clients of ours in London and Londoners at large; you’re in luck! Here is where you can find Guy: Cobella in London.

Do It For Your Hair.

Cobella Salons
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