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H2O dear!

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H2O dear!

So everybody seems to have gone crazy(ier). Ranging from lingering depression to sporadic psychosis and pretty permanent panic. Water, our basic human right and resource is under threat and in the blink of an eye things have gone from the get-along-gang to social media damnation of your fellow neighbour for washing their car.

To clarify; it is that serious and you cannot be washing your car. Hardly your hair.

The situation is dire and scar is not immune to the impending water issues. We’re also not immune to some initial suggestions of; having ‘cheaper dry cuts’, using 5 l mineral waters to rinse, asking clients to wash their hair at home, to name a few . . . none of which made any sense to us.

We are trying to find sustainable solutions that we can implement, that really work and that also have the minimum effect on day to day running. Most importantly, solutions that keep our clients happy and our staff employed. A fine balance. 

This takes time and research. We have chosen to rather spend time looking for the best solutions and not to run away with ideas that don’t necessarily work for everyone and the environment going forward.

We are asked daily what are we going to do or what we have done in order to survive this “Day Zero” (cant stand saying those words. Lets call it Y2K2. Oh that’s taken). We think the easiest way to explain is to give the reader 2 lists. What has been done and what we are contemplating doing.

The first list has some points that have been going on for 15 years and some for 30 days.

List 1


  1. We have cut washes and rinses down by 60%
  2. We now use aircon water to wash tint bowls/coffee cups and mop the floors.There is 1 allocated staff member for this for consistency
  3. We have installed a medical grade hand sanitizer for all staff so as not to open that tap 110 times a day after food and ciggies  (yes they still smoke).
  4. We do our own laundry.
  5. Our wash basin taps are at lower pressure than normal and run at 9l a minute instead of the average 13l.
  6. We have started spraying down short hair with spray bottles. Doing 1 shampoo and rinsing.
  7. We use spray on conditioner where we can instead of conditioning and rinsing again after.
  8. We have been marked by council as part of a low water use building.
  9. We have installed a reticulation system that guides water back into our geyser that would ordinarily go down the drain while waiting to heat up.
  10. We have placed 10 × 25l drums around the office block at the back of the store to collect condensation from the aircons. Each aircon gives more than 5l a day. This water can also be distributed to staff if Y2K2 comes around and they are in need.
  11. Our toilets are managed by the building agent but we have installed water saving nozzles to the taps in the bathrooms
  12. We use smaller glasses to serve drinking water. Every drop counts and clients don’t always finish a full glass (As a licensed establishment we are required by law to have drinking water available).

List 2


  1. We will be ordering 2x5000l tanks for storage
  2. We are pricing Desalinated Water that is ethically sourced. This would carry a client surcharge if implemented as it is more feasible if shared by all.
  3. We are currently researching recycling systems but again, these are not yet at a sustainable cost. We are certain that new technology will provide an answer to these costs soon.
  4. If Y2K2 hits and we are required to use desalinated water: (a) We will institute our WIN policy WASH IF NECESSARY. (b)All stylists will be allocated 10 normal towels which they will wash them selves and 10 disposable towels each day. (c) Clients will have a small fee added onto their dockets for the use of desalinated water and the fee will vary depending on the service and how much water that service requires.

We welcome suggestions and help. One thing this has really taught us is that we all need to do our bit to survive. We also welcome any other salons or like minded businesses to use our suggestions.

scar is not a salon that moulds itself on other industry players – but if you have a good idea share it – at this stage we all need them and without input into our economy and communities we could all be up Shits Creek with a paddle and no water.

Go off and have a good day now and remember, if you are having your hair done you are probably better off than most, so be grateful and share the love (and water). We are so open to any discussions, ideas and suggestions that anyone may have as to how we may all work together on this and try to be as equipped as we can.

Much love
Andrew and Jodi

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