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How’s your hair really?

By May 4, 2021May 10th, 2021No Comments

We thought we would share what a few have been sharing…

For over a year now (and before) we have all been under huge amounts of many kinds of stress.

Chatting to our stylists it seems like a few of our clients have noticed hair loss or hair thinning. The huge emotional and financial stresses surrounding us at the moment never mind the illness and the many side effects observed, it’s no wonder clients have also noticed this happening to their hair.

We do know at this stage, a fair amount about even just the effects of stress on the hair follicle and scalp. We wanted to remind you that there are things that can be done. There are conversations that we are happy to have.

There are products that can help and there are things one can do you help oneself.

how's my hair?

Please reach out to our stylists – they are full of helpful information and suggestions that may make your days that much easier to get through.

We continue to offer our FREE CONSULTATIONS! Call or email the desk to book and have an educated opinion on your hairstyle, it’s condition and health or maybe just a fresh change.

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