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To be a business owner takes huge inner strength, in any industry. Often you give so much it’s hard to remember to give something back to yourself. Fuck the breakeven sheets, why is no-one talking about the breakeven of your mind? No matter what is happening in your business, if you don’t have the inner strength to cope with what is going to be thrown at you- nothing will matter.

If you are feeling like you need more tools to deal with the shit ahead then this course will help you. If you are feeling a bit alone, unsupported our out of your depth-join the club. Or if you just need a royal kick up the arse to get you ready to go smash it at your future, I can help you. With no airs and graces, all truthful, real, and no faffy bullshit.

This course is predominantly aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders, in all industries. Those that give so much, that someone needs to give back to them. But 80% of the content would be helpful to anyone in need of some life management, if you really don’t want to miss out – you are welcome.

Led by Sophia Hilton, this Inner Strenght course (taking place Monday, 25 Jan) will BENEFIT ANYONE / ANY BUSINESS.

This is not a scar course, this is a Not Another Academy course and we are sharing this as it is a course we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do especially during these trying times.

With code SCAR25 you will get 25% off! #sharingiscaring

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