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Now the whole families heads’ can smell the same!

We by now all know that good ingredients do good… Let’s summarize here because we all by now are zooming and emailing and WhatsApping at the same time and; ain’t nobody got no time:

Don’t be those parents who wash their hair with professssh product but make their kids slap on the darkside… Kadus has made professional haircare affordable for the whole family. Take advantage.

Saving you space, literally, in your shopping bag, saving on plastic and of course saving you money…

With Kadus Professional Shampoo, Conditioner and Masks available in 750ml / 1000ml sizes, why not share with the rest of the family? #sharingiscaring


Kadus formulas are tailored to deliver a balanced mix of nourishing, moisturizing, stimulating and strengthening ingredients to match the hair’s needs. You’ll notice the ultra-smooth hair feel, great shine, and other tailored benefits instantly after the first use. The Care Collection, contains ingredients from all around the world.

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