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New faces on the cutting floor

& 5, 6, 7, 8… we have new faces on our cutting floor!!

Without a doubt scar attracts the best clients to its doors. This has always been the norm for us; this feeling of knowing our clients are (to be blunt and also most clear…) special and amazing. We do feel that way, and are grateful for it each day…

Another norm and something we pride ourselves on is attracting the best talent to our scar team and family. It is really something: to look at each of our stylists – some with us going on (and after!) 10 years – and to be blown away at the level of expertise in their work. DAILY.

Our clients give us their trust and heads. Our stylists then create the work and style that get other stylists like these 3 wanting to join us.

What a joy to welcome these new and technically gifted stylists to the Dream Team:

Not just formidable with cutting and styling, but colour experts. These 3 stylists will give you everything your hair needs and then; more!

Corlia is born and bred in Johannesburg but Cape Town has stolen her heart! (Maybe the mountain and ocean ..? ). She counts herself lucky to have been trained and mentored by leading figures in the hair game and its her hunger for more that is so apparent in Corlia.  She has been operating in Joburg out of her own salon space while also becoming a finalist in the Hairstylist of the Year comp. She was the youngest ever national educator for Moroccan Oil South Africa and you may be getting the picture but Corlia is a hungry,  talented and extremely capable stylist who is very quickly coming into her own here in Cape Town with us.  We are extremely excited to have her on the team. She excels with braids, balayage, blondes and barbering and is a sucker for a pixie cut.

She’s more into loving than fighting Juanè says of herself… She’s from Pretoria and has just got to the Cape and we would say she is more into hair! Since 2010 she has been training overseas with Toni and Guy and also then locally with Guy Kleinhaus (see his deets below), Juané likes to keeping push her own hair boundaries. She has done this in a few ways some are: being placed top 6 with Wella Trendvision, winning People’s Choice and placing top 5 Mizutani barbering competition last year.  Juanè’s work is the proof of her talent. She is working towards becoming an expert in colours and loves vivid colours, balayage and colour corrections. We are thrilled to welcome her and have been waiting!

No one would ever guess that Guy Kleinhaus was born and raised in Welkom but goodness is he a welcome sight to the hair industry! Married to hairdressing for the past 12 years after randomly falling in love with it, Guy loves cutting mid to short length hair. Mullets and things like that. No reins on this free spirit, Guy is not always available at scar so make sure you book this one in advance! Super thrilled to WelkomIN this expert and hair educator to the (dance) floor.

We have made it so easy for you to book! Click the button below and add their name to your booking request.