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Not Another Academy back in 2020

By October 28, 2019November 7th, 2019No Comments

scar International Education is hosting the talented Harriet Stokes (@harriet_stokes) from Not Another Academy in April 2020!

Harriet is not new to scar (nor to most of you by now)! She has presented Not Another Academy Courses with Sophia Hilton for their last 2 visits to scar.

Not Another Academy was set up purely to meet the demands of hundreds of requests from around the world to learn the techniques of Not Another Salon. Fast forward a few years and they have become one of the highest in demand education teams in the UK with a minimum three month waiting list for their courses.

With their alternative ‘no judgment’ approach to education, students feel safe and relaxed in a fun, rather intense and energy filled environment.

Increasingly known for mind-blowing transformations, Harriet, in the short 3.5 years that she’s been in London, has achieved A LOT more than what most take many many years to do… Harriet is young, gifted, driven, sharp, ridiculously skilled as well as being a real and wonderful person! She has been working directly with Sophia learning and growing over these years. The knowledge is endless … Harriet is in high demand as a stylist and also as Sophia’s main educator at Not Another Academy. So far she has managed to: grow a large clientele at Not Another Salon, complete 2 years with the L’Oreal ID team, win the L’Oreal colour trophy star award, finalise for creative heads ‘Hair trend” category and finalise for creative heads It girl for the last two years. All of this while teaching all over London and around the world with Not Another Academy!

Courses that Harriet will present in 2020 are: 100% Freehand Balayage, Cheating Balayage, Bleaching Specialist, Perfect Bleed.

For more information and to book, email us on: [email protected]

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