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Our Annual Davines In-Salon Top Up

Top Up Your Service with Davines

Extra is not just about the luggage you had to pay for (on your cancelled-because-its-gone-local airline flight)… Sometimes; extra actually means MORE!

That time is NOW and it’s the good news you’ve been searching for :

It’s time for our annual DAVINES in-salon EXTRA service GIVEBACK!  From now until 8 September 2021, top up your service with either a Davines View Glossing Treatment or a Davines On Protection Treatment for only R330!  #toogoodtobetrue #andyetnottoogoodtobetrue #weloveyou

The View Glossing treatment offers extraordinary shine and fullness to the hair. Not only is it amazing for your hair but it pays huge respect to our environment with 88% to 93% natural origin ingredients and 95% to 99% biodegradable ones.

The On Protection treatment protects hair from oxidative damage that can cause the hair to weaken and break during bleaching, colouring or technical services. (Basically; all that styling and colouring obvs looks amazing but it does damage and you gotsto give back! #luckily #science …)

Please have a chat with your stylist who will recommend which top up service will be the most beneficial treatment for you.

If you are new to the salon, you may not be aware that we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS; for you to get some real, honest, experienced AND creee-haytive advice on YOUR hair because ;

1. we have skilled experts  and

2. we love your hair.

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