Available 200 ml Spray bottle


The Speed Blond leave-in was especially created for blond, bleached, gray hair or hair with highlights. In conjunction with INOAR’s best selling Speed blond range, the leave-in was created to lock-in the colour, and pro-long the colour toning effect which is provided using the speed blond range, and bring out the naturalness of the blonde.

This leave-in spray is the key to success for people with bleached hair. It protects the strands from high temperature, preserves the colour for much longer and control the frizz.

The Speed blond leave-in spray consists of a white colour due to the fact that it is a leave-in, and not a rinse-off product, avoiding violet or blue patches or colouring on hair that is porous. It also consists of the amazing Azulene oil that is also present in the Speed Blond range to provide extra hydration, and provide the naturalness of the blond, making it the best colour protection spray for blondes.

15 Benefits

  • Colour improvement
  • Hydration
  • Damage repair
  • Sealing cuticles
  • Reduces Frizz
  • Antioxidant
  • Provides Shine
  • Detangles
  • UV protection
  • Colour protection
  • Heat protection
  • Nutrition
  • Naturalness of the blonde tone
  • Perfume
  • Easy blowouts & ironing

Types of Hair : Blond, bleached, gray hair & hair with streaks

Results : Hydration Colour Protection Giving naturalness to blonde hair Locks in the colour, for longer beautiful looking blonde hair

Active Ingredients : Argan oil Daymoist CLRTM (Hydrolysed cornstarch, Beetroot extract & Water) Coconut oil Cornflower Extract Azulene oil

DIRECTIONS FOR BEST RESULTS : Use the Speed Blond leave-in in sequence with the Speed blond kit, shampoo, conditioner and mask. This will help to maintain the colour correction (eliminating of yellow & copper tones) done by the Speed blond range, to last longer. It can also be used after fresh colour, highlights or streaks has been done, to protect and pro-long the colour.