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QIQI has landed in SOUTH AFRICA

By August 17, 2021August 26th, 2021No Comments
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We are simply MIND BLOWN with Qiqi!

Think out of the box because this technology does not exist in any other product.

Qiqi permanently changes the hair and treats as it does.

We are skeptical at the best of times and also hard to please…

Since it landed in SA, our team has been trying Qiqi on some of their specific clients that would benefit most from its amazing technology and we are pretty impressed!

This is a product that can change a clients’ life and it’s no wonder because this is a brand that is determined to revolutionize and lead the global professional haircare industry by making the best treatments and clearly, by being the best at it. Qiqi is all about simple (and genius) result driven, sustainable and transformative solutions for hair problems that are proven to work.

Their state-of-the-art professional hair solutions are safe and effective to use and simply put; they meet the demands of today’s hair stylists and their clients. Qiqi makes a massive impact on clients’ drying and styling time and provides long-lasting results while creating specialized innovative professional hair treatments that do not otherwise exist. Their optimal hair treatments will not only transform the style of the hair but will also simultaneously revitalize and rejuvenate hair tresses.

This product is truly amazing.

Qiqi caters for all hair types:

There are 3 different Qiqi Vega permanent straightening treatments that cover all hair types.

For coarser hair types, Thick & Afro is specially for curly girls who love their curls and want to rock the best version of them, everyday. Qiqi gives wavy, curly or coils their best life.

For moderate texture, Wavy & Curly is great for clients who want to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight. Retain body and volume, increase shine and manageability while eliminating frizz and moderate curl reduction.

For delicate hair, Thin & Damaged is designed for those who want seriously straight hair permanently until the roots grow with the hair’s natural texture.

At-home-care has been made easy with these beautiful products and again; we have never seen results like this before:

  • Makes You Feel Like You Just Left the Salon” Shampoo is just that – smooth and silky feel, shine like a star and best of all your hair is more manageable. Use daily for ultimate pristine manageable hair that makes you feel like you just left the salon.

  • Goodbye Dry, Hello Gorgeous!“ Conditioner provides maximum hydration. Conditions all hair types and repairs damaged hair. Reduces combing time on wet & dry hair.

  • Not Just Smooth, Insanely Smooth” Masque delivers superior conditioning to all hair types. Softening and infusing moisture into each individual hair strand with a protective layer of shine. Restoring compromised hair to former glory, this masque is the ultimate therapy to keep your hair smooth and shiny for long lasting results.

  • Ask your stylist about Qiqi. We are extremely excited to be able to offer this permanent solution to so many who have wanted it for so long …#askyourstylist

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