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scar turns 19 on the 12 March !!!

This year, more than ever, we are GRATEFUL to celebrate another year of YOU, our clients and the joyous business of your hair…

It was a yelllllova year, but ‘scar marked itself safe after 2020’ and for this we can thank our baeautiful clients. It was 19 years ago that scar hair first opened its doors in Cape Town and like our clientele, so have we evolved into what we are today and it’s been an honour to watch our baby grow. It’s crazy to know that MANY of our clients have been so for nearly 20 years now…

We couldn’t think of a better way to roll in another year than by giving back to the ones that make all of this possible and worth it.

On 12 and 13 March – every client booking will have a chance to SPIN & WIN when they meet our Wheel of Miss Fortune.

You should book, for those days – it will be a something you will be very glad you did … and we want to let YOU know about it first #insideinfo

Every Client Spins & Wins! A way to turn missed fortune into Miss FORTUNE!

We have R30,000 in prizes including a R5,000 scar services gift voucher, retail and hardware from our favorite brands and if you land on the Joker, a FREEsome with you, Jack Parow and a bottle of his finest brannas (and don’t stresseme; he wont be doing the cutting; we chop, he dop … with you).

Besides the instant SPIN & WIN for each client booked on these days, each spinning client is then also automatically eligible to enter ON THE DAY for even more prizes !!!

Details to enter will be at scar this weekend …

Turning the wheels of missed fortune into MISS FORTUNE.

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