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scar x Stellski

Good Hair For Dog People

This is one of the most exciting collaborations for us because it is something created especially for YOU our clients!

Some of you may have already noticed but : drumroll…

We are thrilled to have a Stellski Café inside scar

Yessa! You can order from your phone while getting your hair done, directly to the Stellski WhatsApp number – just mention what bay/section you are sitting in (you’ll see your Bay sticker on the mirror) and pay on delivery.

Doubly Yessa! You can also take a few steps and actually walk up to the café to order if you are feeling like a romp around while your colour is processing…

Triply Yessa! You get to dop while we chop #chopndop #scarbar

AND check the menu: You can order essentially any food you desire …


 scar:   dog friendly and loves dogs. 


When Stellski…

Stellski @ scar

…comes to scar

Who let the dogs out ?! #stellski #scarred #scarbar

We simply love this add on to our client experience and hope you do too!

Stellski @ scar Cafe Menu
Stellski @ scar Cafe Menu

Stellski @ scar café WhatsApp line – Click here

Not to be confused with our scar booking WhatsApp line but we have realised that this happens – thank goodness for the forward button.

Drop a WhatsApp to our café to ask if any specials or get your regular bagel, coffee, cocktail, croissant… we have it all – just ask.