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Become a scar stylist. Learn with the best. Cut the best.

The hair industry needs you!

scar doesn’t turn away talent. Scar feeds and exists for talent.

We believe in education and learning. In always growing. If you are excited by this contact us. Let us know your story or your plans and lets meet. It may be the start of a new path for you with us, it may be some advice to help you on your  path elsewhere. Either way, scar is here for you. Lets talk and share and learn and make heads turn . . .

To apply:

  • Send your CV and Instagram Handle / Portfolio to [email protected]. Include Information like where you work currently, when you would like to start and the position you would like to apply for.
  • Once we have made contact with you, we will arrange a day that suits for you to wow us with your work. Do not stress here. Skill can be less about actual skill and more about the ability to handle criticism well and to learn quickly from something that’s pointed out to you. Even in this interview. This may at the very least, be a day where you are able to learn! Skill and expertise are something we have an abundance of under our roof and a stylist that is receptive is going to really benefit from that. Some advice: Try to arrange your own models for this. Have a plan for each of them. We want you to show us what you think they need. We also want them to be happy. This is your aim as a stylist. Start looking for 4 models that you want to showcase to us: highlights; creative colour, creative cut; ladies cut and blow, gents cut
  • After the days model trial we normally sit and discuss. Sometimes its a no brainer and its a go! Sometimes further training or models may be needed to shop us more. Either way, once you have met us, you know us.

So make the connection. We want to meet you.

Do it for your career!

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