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evo curl range  – a new collection of curl boosting everyday products – is now available at scar!

We know how seemingly difficult life can be for curly heads. Without giving curls the love they deserve, they can be frustrating to manage. The curl collection was designed to give curly hair types the attention and specific formulas that they need and deserve.

All you need is the right products added to your routine to reach your curls’ full potential.

The new range includes Springclean – a deep, no-foaming cleanser; Heads will Roll Co-wash – a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner; Baby got Bounce – a curl-boosting treatment; Liquid Rollers – a nourishing balm; and Total Recoil – a curl definer.

Each of these products addresses a different curl issue.

Not only do they work great when used together, but individually too depending on the effect you desire!

All evo products are cruelty-free and vegan. #love

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R745.00Read more

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