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Balayage; a colour technique that essentially leaves hair more natural looking (and beautiful!), has pretty much been part of scar’s daily life since Sophia Hilton came to scar from London in 2015 to introduce this hair revolution and her expertise to us.

Our clients love Balayage, as this technique, when well executed, leaves the hair with natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair and the maintenance of this look is far less than highlights or ombre because of its very natural finish. Balayage does not mean only blonde – the idea is translatable to colour too as you will see from the pictures below.

The gorgeous Tarryn, from H A I R, in Weltevreden Park Gauteng, who actually also used to work with us some (many) years ago now, recently shared her Balayage skills with us at some training at scar which basically resulted in breathtaking-balayages-all-over-the-place. Thank you so much to Tarryn, who is always a pleasure to reconnect with and who has such a grasp for this amazing skill and more.

Here are some of the Before & After pictures from our scar stylists. You will get the feel for the technique as well as a feel for the skill these stylists have for it…

Photos by: Uwandre du Plooy


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