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We constantly like to feed our stylists with as much excitemnet as they bring to their work – so we have various things like competitions that we create throughout the year which allow each of them the opportunity to excel and to then enjoy whatever the prize may be. In this way, we are able to keep things fresh and exciting, we get to feed something that is in our stylists which is their need to know and learn more and more about hair. And then; pass that onto you – our darling clients! The care of hair, the new technology of molecular repair of hair, colour and colour techniques of hair, precision cutting, subtle but expert styling, shaping of hair. These are just some of the things that are evolving continuously in our game and the thinggs taht we see and do each day and its a joy to be able to connect with houses like Davines that welcome sharing in this way.

This time around, it is Jenni who won scar’s Davines competition & was just last week eating pizza, drinking wine, not whining but rather winning, in the birth place of Davines – ITALIA! Ciao!

While being on the Davines WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR Jenni gets to witness the latest insights, designed to teach and transmit the most up-to-date trends in the sector, with like-minded creative hairdressers.


All who see the importance of education and sharing – with a move to caring


Read more about Davines on our earlier blog post.

Have a look at Jen’s Italian travels below… We love this little dove biscuit! Just look at her standing below next to that giant monster … and on a boat .. and with a bird and met a wynie and a crew..

scar’s next Travel Epsiode (airing as soon as we get to it) will uncover : Where In The World Ninette  is going to next week ! And Leandi ‘s trip later this year will be uncovered soon.

Stay tuned and well groomed . . .


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