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So the people are still SICK for COLOUR and the colours are not going anywhere.

In fact they are expanding into new shades and varieties with colour bleeds and blending as we find new ways to apply and blend colours together. The result is heads of hair with colours doing things that we hadn’t quite seen before. After chatting with you and getting an idea of what you are after, our stylists can mix a few tones together and create something that is unique for you and your hair.


Our Instagram feed will give you an idea of what colour blending is – also just to see the amazing capability ( with regards to brightness / shades ) of some of these colours on the market at the moment. You literally can dye your hair any colour…#ToLiterallyDyeFor

This brings us to Crazy Color who have launched three NEW colours – GraphitePeachy Coraland Peppermint.

Of course we already stock 29 other colours by the brand, but in the immortal words of Mae West (and not North West) “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful”… so we immediately added the three new colours to our collection. #obvs

Crazy Color’s semi-permanent hair colour cream lasts for 3 to 6 weeks depending on how porous your hair is, and works best on pre-lightened hair.

We literally have every shade under the rainbow (and some which aren’t) ranging from Canary Yellow to Bubblegum Blue to Lime Twist. And; if you dont see it – we can probably mix it for you!

Make an appointment or a free consultation with us and we’ll make your (hair colour) dreams come true. You can also buy the colours as a take home retail product – so if you are doing it on your own at home; chat to a stylists while you are at scar to get some help and tips for application.

Our stylists are very experienced in working with colour, and they absolutely love being able to play. They can all do ‘normal’ too, of course and they do that everyday – but you are dealing with some of the most creative stylists in our country so if you are wanting to do something different / challenging / fun / colourful / amazing; we are the place!

Tjiek out our previous post of not another salon owner, Sophia Hilton, who we brought out from Britain earlier this year for training and expertise in colour. What we learnt from this amazing stylist (who is blowing up in London) was underbelievable and a game changer for us with colour.

We literally have every shade under the rainbow…and even some which aren’t

Crazy Color Graphite

Crazy Color Peachy Coral

Crazy Color Peppermint

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