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By February 16, 2017August 23rd, 2019No Comments

Sometimes you’ve just gots to go over seas to gets what you want…

Basically, we found some shit hot talent that we wanted to bring back home and share and the 2 day courses may be sold out but James and Ben are also doing two demo nights of LOOK AND LEARNadvanced cutting techniques. One in barbering the other in advanced cutting.

It’s not often we find the kind of people who do work that we like, nevermind love and our scar stylists are some of the most creative stylists in the country so that creativity needs to be fed – constantly. It’s usually fed to eachother by eachother – in the salon with the work they do and see daily…

One of our core focuses has always been education – to not only improve the skills of our own stylists, but also others who want to come look, get involved and learn!

Being in the game we are, we meet brilliant stylists from all over the world and flying them out here to do advanced training courses and demos is what keeps us fresh and excited. Also its pretty cool to show off our beautiful city (and its talent) too.

So we are thrilled to announce that James Mould & Ben Crase from III Education in San Diego will be joining us in April to give us a masterclass in the art of advanced cutting techniques!


Last year, we hosted the glorious Sophia Hilton for some amazing training sessions (more exciting news on her at a later date by the way)!

III EDUCATION is a global education company and James and Ben have been winning all sorts of awards — also, they just caught our eye… Have a look at their instagram pages in the link below and you will see the precision and skill we found and wanted to see more of.

They are also covering cutting curls which, if you are a curly haired person, you will know is an entirely different skill. We have curl experts in the salon and look forward to learning more about the subtle art of cutting beautiful curls.

Of course it goes without saying that these guys are seriously talented and fantastic educators, and have done some really cool stuff…Here is a selection of their photos and videos.

Unfortunately our sessions with them are already sold out, but we DO still have the demo night tickets available.

The barber demo night is 31 Mar 2017 at Widow Maker Barber, and the cutting demo night is 7 April 2017 at scar.

We are thrilled to have these two dudes here and even more thrilled to be passing on what we learn in the work we do – everyday. Not only to our own stylists but to others from all over the country too.

This is an area of focus for us as we believe it is what keeps our craft fresh and keeps it expanding and we have big plans for our ‘2017 scar Education Programme’ this year with some pretty exciting developments in the pipeline.


“how to cut hair, not how to do a haircut…” — III Education

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