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Up and running for pretty much a year-and-a-half now already, our Widowmaker men’s barber  at the top of Long Street has been cutting, trimming, shaving and raving the hair of men city-wide.

I think the ‘ous have realised that just because you are going to the barber doesn’t mean they’re going to shave your face clean. Don’t be scared. No one will take your beard without your permission. Sometimes, one just needs a place to rest ones head (on a barber chair). A place thats made for them and exists for beards and all hair (that is on the head and face region).

The flow of well-groomed men has flowed right on down to the middle part of Long street#wellgroomedoverflow and our new TINY Widow Maker tjie is directly opposite Tigers Milk in the beautiful Langham House.

Headed (😂) by barber Paul Riggal, the new Widowmaker is situated opposite Tiger’s Milk (so you can literally walk across the road – look right first, before walking – and impress your boitjies at the bar with your new hairstyle), and as with the Widow Maker at the top of Long, there are no appointments so just pop by or call ahead if you are close and you want to check. Coffees next door.

SIDENOTE : It is actually one of the smallest barbershops…in the world! We googled it.

Besides this one:

Bigger is not always better, guys.

Even though it’s small we have managed to fit in some stock for your general face and head area from facial and beard products to hair waxes and shampoos. Round that up to everything you (may not yet know that you) need. Stock includes American CrewRed Dane skincareReference of Sweden,Kevin Murphy and Highstreet Beard Oil, amongst others.

For those who don’t know where Cheetah’s Milk is, here’s the actual address for you to put into Google Maps:

Shop A, Langham House, 59 Long Street, Cape Town

So come check out our new spot (don’t bring a friend – it’s too small), say howzit to Paul, pick-up your hair/skincare product of choice and pop across the road for a beer to top it all off.

So man(e)ly.

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