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Widow Maker (which has been described by someone on our Facebook page as a “Superb, old-school barber shop & saloon bar at the top non-scuzz-bag part of Long Street”) opened mid November last year to provide the good-looking men of this city – and their ugly friends – with a comfortable, manly environment in which to get their manly bits trimmed, twirled, cut and shaved.

It’s basically like a man-version of scar. But different.

Those who aren’t convinced by just how awesome the place is, and are too scared to set foot inside to see for themselves can now do just that…digitally.

Ruhm 3D is one of those super-cool (obvs super-cleva) SA tech start-ups that are smart enough to make a 3D movie – without characters, 3D glasses, popcorn, or the 3 year wait.

They basically capture any physical real-world space into immersive photographic 3D models, and their virtual 3D platforms are designed to change the way users experience real life property.

In case you’re a little lost as to what this means, don’t worry…it basically means you can sit in front of your computer and check out the amazing space that is our Widow Maker barbershop – all in immersive 360 degree 3D.

Go try it out now. Take a walk on the wild side – maybe while listening Lou Reed even…

Check out the warm-feeling, testosterone-infused main saloon, change up the vibe by going into the second room with its brooding black and white checkerboard flooring…heck you can even stand on the balcony outside overlooking Long Street and watch the crowds go past! (ok so they might not actually move…)

Get your 3D Widow Maker experience here.

It takes a while to load, but hang in there, it’s worth the wait!


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