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Not THAT kind of Brazilian.

Not a Brazilian person and also not the other kind that springs to mind … (doesn’t matter which one sprung first – forget them all.)

This is not a wax, a person or a straightening product.

It is more like an alternative (read: direct competition) to Olaplex which is the (miracle) treatment that hit our shores recently – and actually – it hit scar, first.

We’re now talking about the b3 Brazilian Bond Builder – a breakthrough technology which basically locks in your colour and protects against chemical damage between your treatments, meaning your hair keeps its vibrant colour for longer.

scar is offering the Bond Builder (under Specialised Treatments) as a stand-alone, in-salon treatment, as well as stocking the after-care range, namely:

–    B3 Brazilian Bond Builder Colour Care Shampoo, a sulfate-free cleanser that gently removes impurities while replenishing and protecting colour treated hair.

–    B3 Brazilian Bond Builder Colour Care Conditioner, a moisture-rich formula that prevents colour fade while providing intense hydration.

–    B3 Brazilian Bond Builder Colour Protect Reconstructive Treatment, a reparative treatment which fortifies the hair, helping to reduce damage while extending colour life and restoring softness.

A breakthrough technology which basically locks in your colour and protects against chemical damage between your treatments

So, a Brazilian without the Brazilian …

And even though that sounds disappointing – it’s not.

Remember…we test, and only if we love, do we choose to include anything in our offerings at scar – chat to your stylist.

Your hair keeps its vibrant colour for longer

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