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scar now stocks NIOXIN Night Density Rescue Treatment, the brand’s first treatment designed to provide day and night solutions for thicker, fuller hair.

New Radicals were pretty cool —– these Free radicals; not so much.

Free radicals (in a tiny nutshell) are unstable molecules that in an attempt to become more stable, steal electrons from other molecules which results in oxidative damage in the body.

In other words, your scalp and hair become damaged over time, resulting in that dreaded condition – hair loss.

Now if you’ve had a really good night’s sleep then you’ll know just how damn good you feel in the morning. That’s the restorative power of sleep – night is the optimum time for the body to rest and repair itself…making it a prime opportunity to treat the hair and scalp as well.

That’s why NIOXIN has formulated its Night Density Rescue Treatment – to take advantage of this nightly restorative process.

NIOXIN’s Night Density Rescue is a treatment which you leave on throughout the night and which features breakthrough NIOXYDINE24 technology, clinically proven to promote hair density by delivering powerful antioxidants to the scalp.

The NIOXYDINE24 technology contains a powerful mix of cool-sounding antioxidants including Biotin, Caffeine, Vitamin E and Ginger Root Extract that when combined, target free radicals on the scalp surface to promote hair density.

The treatment is applied directly onto the scalp surface using the provided pipette, and NIOXIN claims that it “has a soothing fragrance for night time use, leaves no residue on the pillow and is suitable for all hair types.” (Sounds like a dry dream)…

We’ve now got it in stock, so either ask for it when you’re next in the salon, or go here to buy it online if you simply cant bring up your (perfectly normal and very popular) hair thinnning in public – not even with your expert stylist.

PS – As with all of our products, please do ask any of our stylists for advice if you’re at all unsure whether a product is suitable for you. They work witrh them and see trhe results daily and are MOREthan happy to help and give you advice. It’s what they do.

Promotes hair density by delivering powerful antioxidants to the scalp

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