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Ok, she’s not new to the salon at all, but she is new to this role in-salon and has actually been operating in it, like a mofo, for a few months already.

With this feature in SAHJ recently out (pic in header), we thought it the perfect time to formally introduce scar’s new Development, Education and Floor (DEF) manager Verushka Naicker to you here too.

Besides what the Journal wanted to hear from her (which you can see at the bottom of this article), we asked her a few things too.

Those who already know Vee will know her magic already.
Well done to her – she has been blowing us away for some time now…

“We LOVE doing consultations!”

Hey Vee, what’s your background and history in the hair industry? How did you get to be where you are now?

Well, I qualified at a private college in Durban called Innovations Hair Academy 8 years ago.
After studying full time, I did my apprenticeship at the actual Innovations salon, working for the owner
Richard Wyss.

In the last 8 years I have been to every course I could possibly get my hands on. I believe that education is key and that you never know everything.

Two and a half years ago I did my Masters in Color through Wella. I have done cutting classes with various stylists, including a Vidal Sasson cutting class hosted by a local stylist, and my best was a cutting class with Akin Konezi, the owner of HOB in London.

I am now a part of a team called the WAVE TEAM – we are four young passionate stylists that were chosen by Wella to be the new young educators for them.

In the last year I have done a bit of traveling in SA sharing my knowledge of hair and experience with and about Wella to delegates of all ages.

Awesome. So what does being a salon DEF manager mean? What do you actually do?

Being a DEF manager means that I am there to improve the development and education of our stylists. I manage education by making sure that our team is always inspired and motivated to be better than they are.

We currently have an education slot for an hour and a half every Wednesday, where reps and educators come in to teach us new things about hair itself and product knowledge. I am not a micro manager because personally I don’t think it’s needed, but I am there to deal with issues that (luckily) hardly occur.

My aim is to make the salon run smoother…(most client dissatisfaction is generally a direct result of the expectations of the client, these can be managed easily with a thorough consultation.)

We LOVE consultations. They are free at scar and so so valuable. For ideas, for cost implications, for feedback on the condition of your hair … there is just so much available these days – it’s so cool to be able to chat with clients – see what their budget is, and then work with that to make their hair dreams come true!

“We are a team of headstrong, passionate hairstylists that are not scared to push the boundaries”

Client service, got it. So what colours are hot right now?

Fashion colors ( blues, pinks, oranges etc). But these have to be done properly and the hair needs to be treated well to ensure a healthy colour that does not look trashy. And then of course perfectly executed balayages (natural looking hair that takes a lot of expertise to make it look natural – which is the point).

Right, so what’s your favourite part of working at scar then?

I’d have to say it’s our team. We are a team of headstrong, passionate hairstylists that are not scared to push the boundaries. Our love for hair is just the strongest.

Goals going forward?

My goals are to continue to do shit hot hair and get better at it in every way. And to constantly educate myself with courses and share my knowledge of course!


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