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It may or may not surprise you to know that scar has its own product rangeconsisting of shampoos, conditioners, oils, styling aids and detanglers.

Created for scar under our Dark label, these haircare products are sulfate, paraben and fragrance-free and are also – where it makes sense – infused with Argan oil, meaning your hair can enjoy the benefit of added protection and treatment while using the product at home.

We’ve just added 3 products to the DARK range : Turf , Iron Or and The Lotion.

Our scar Turf wax has already been a hit for years – it is exactly the same – just recently repackaged DARK. Also in DARK, we have another Turf-like wax that we have infused with Argan oil and called Marble. It’s a matt wax like Turf with a bit of shine and a bit more flexibility due to the treatment element of the argan.

Iron Or, is now also repackaged DARK and is our heat protection spray giving silky shine and light hold for blow dried or ironed hair.

Our Combo lotion has been renamed The Lotion and repackaged DARK. It is a fanstatic duel use product that is a great blow waving lotion and is designed to add a layer of control to your style by preventing frizziness and split ends caused by thermal styling. It doubles as a great product for a longer-haired-short cut. That is; gents with slightly longer hair and ladies with short cuts have found it to be an amazing styling aid for that “no product-product feel”.

Both available in 250ml containers you can see these two products, as well as others in the scar Dark range here.

Reminder: we pride ourselves on being able to bring you all the best product options available so don’t be afraid to ask our stylists’ advice when you’re next in-salon. Quite simply; they work with and recommend them all day and are therefore very clued up, both with their own experience of the products as well as the feedback they are getting daily from clients using them.


Sulfate, paraben and fragrance-free

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