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In further Kevin Murphy-related news, we’ve got more #KevsMurfs deals you might be interested in.

Where youth is concerend there is simply no time so lets get straight to the point:

Purchase a Kevin Murphy Forever Young Set and we’ll throw in a Young Again Rinse for FREE. You Pay R970 for Angel Wash & Rinse, pack valued at R1,430.

Purchase a Kevin Murphy Do Me Angel Hair Set and we’ll throw in a Doo Over styling aid forFREE. You Pay R800 for Angel Wash & Rinse, pack valued at R1,000.

Purchase a Kevin Murphy Hydrate & Shine Set  and we’ll throw in a Session Spray Styling Aid forFREE. You Pay R800 for Hydrate Wash & Rinse, pack valued at R1,150.

Purchase a Kevin Murphy Repairing Hands Set  and we’ll throw in a limited edition repairing handcreme for FREEYou Pay R920 for Repair Me Wash & Rinse, pack valued at R1,320.

Purchase a Kevin Murphy Freshly Plumped Set  and we’ll throw in a Fresh Hair Styling aid forFREE. You Pay R920 for Repair Me Wash & Rinse, pack valued at R1,330.

It may be neccessary to mention that this can’t actually make you younger … but science is such that these products canhelp your hair. Think skincare for your hair. They put it into skin products and now they’re putting into hair care!

That’s up to R460 saving (HOLY SMOKES)

Essentially R460 in your back pocket which you could be spending on literally anything else. (That’s for sale).




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