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VIEW Demi-Permanent Colour by Davines

By October 3, 2019November 11th, 2019No Comments

Attention all clients who colour their hair, all lightening and bleaching clients, also, clients who do not colour their hair, all long or short haired clients of all gender (even no gender) and even totally white haired clients (basically everyone with hair):

We now have VIEW, the NEW DEMI PERMANENT COLOUR by Davines available at scar.

If you have virgin hair and have been saving it (for what – we do not know), Davines demi-permanent colour can ease you into the world of colour. It’s a delicate non-committing colour with an acidic pH; it can disguise the first appearance of white hair; offers natural blends for salt & pepper hair; and it is a gloss service which enhances the shine and beauty of natural hair.

This colour’s naturality and biodegradability are very high compared to anything else on the market.

Apart from their superior colour, other reasons why we LOVE Davines, is that their mission is to move forward ethically and sustainably.

Like with anything we have at scar, we always test the product before offering it to our clients and we had so much fun playing with the colour (available in 40 shades btw!) and love the results. Have a look below…

Leandi & Stefanie :

Tammy & Enya :