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Local is lekker, and our latest range of Red Dane premium skincare products for men is both made in South Africa, as well as being specifically designed for men here.

Red Dane is inspired by animals, and loves dogs as you may have guessed from the name! The company wants all their clients to have the same type of bond with their Red Dane skincare products as they do with their dogs…a bond and relationship strong and beneficial, and one that brings joy, happiness and an improved quality of life everyday through younger & healthier looking skin. ( So kind of like how your dog licks your face … could be similar to you smearing a shave product on it too! )

Naturally, all Red Dane products are ‘animal friendly’ having not been tested on animals, and containing no ingredients from animal sources. All their products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well which is flippen amazing and a major plus.

Look out for scar’s new range of Red Dane face, shave and body products at our salon, or online here.

This dog life is a good life and suits us just fine


(While on the dog topic, you may have seen; co-owner Andrew’s dog Cisko made an appearance a little while ago on a flyer for CONCERTS IN THE PARK. We recently did a giveaway for the Freshly Ground performance in the De Waal park and are a firm supporter of the concerts. Charles and Winnie are beloved clients and friends of the salon and they are the wonderful humans who put them together.  Incidentally, Charles was also the main man in an ad we shot with American Crew a little while ago for The Lake magazine. )

Here they both are again now for your viewing pleasure…


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