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scar will be 15 on 11 March

Believe it because its trueblue baby – and we love you!

It has been and is still our absolute pleasure to watch Kloof street change and grow each year … Our neighbourhood for 15 years now, our #KloofStreetMassive, our home(grown) and our place of birth.

Obvs we couldn’t have done any of it without you lovely people, and we are SO appreciative of all your support throughout the years. We really do just have the most amazing community surrounding us: HIGH IQ – WE FOKKEN LIKE YOU.

There is nothing better than your place of work being your place of fun and with our wonderful staff and partners and all our scar clients – that is what we have. THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR SALON A PLACE WE WANT TO BE IN.

Long street was the birthplace scar (clothing) back in ’98 making the brand a whopping 19 years old this year. #history

To celebrate our 15th, we’re throwing a party at the salon tomorrow, and we’d love it if you could pop in, say hi and have a drink with us (on us).

We chop – you dop  #scarBar #chopndop 

Asap Ray Ray (Ray Mondo) will be DJ-ing in-salon #scarParty and clients are welcome to pop in. Those already booked for Saturday; it’s our pleasure …

Hope to see you on the day – here’s to the next 15 years (and then the other 15 … etc etc ).


“Pop past – have a blast”

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