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It is fact that our (smooth) operators are scar’s heroes! Put bluntly; we simply can’t function without them. They are often the executers of our best blow waves as these literally come as second nature to many of our on the floor operators. They are used to handling the many and glorious hair types we see each day; and at speed. Apart from assisting our very busy stylists, they also give much tweeted about (well, from those 2 people that still tweet) head massages that some clients have claimed are the sole reason for their return … As is with our stylists, we like to give our operators ongoing training to develop, maintain and improve their skills to uphold the standards our clients know and love. Also, to upskill and create an environment where all are learning and are able to grow.

they are the givers of our much raved about head massages


On the topic of heroes; and more seriously put; we have recently welcomed back Charnise, a former member of our team who was away and is now back with us again! She has a TRUE HERO and has a story we would like to share.

Charnise was with us years ago and had to leave scar in 2013 for her health and her future recovery. She was unable to put the strain of work on her body after an accident she had. She and a colleague, Stacey, were on their way home when Charnise noticed a bus reversing straight in their direction. It was headed straight for Stacy. Its crazy to see how people react in moments like this when they come. A quick moment that changed her life and saved her friend’s … Charnise didnt think twice before pushing Stacey out of the way – saving her and  leaving herself exposed and in the path of the bus which hit her instead. It was a long recovery process for Charnise who also (and with much bed rest) managed to have a child even with her injuries which is truly remarkable and somewhat of a miracle. We are so happy she is well again and are so glad to welcome her back to our team! What a gem and what a truly heroic person. How’s that for a story?!


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