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By July 4, 2016August 14th, 2019No Comments

Our annual ‘lets let Andrew and Jodi have fun sticking shit up in the salon’ deal is back!

Take advantage of this opportunity to try out a treatment or some colour (or maybe an idea your stylist has wanted to try).

Until the 21st of September, you can TOP UP your service with one of the following in-salon deals:

See the Light
Freelights (see what we did there?)

Reform and Repent
SP Luxury Treatment

Crowning Glory
Illumina Colour Glossing

Free Your Mind
Instamatic Colour Rinse

Burning Bush
Magma flashes / tips

Resurrect Yourself
SP Alchemy Treatment


Each of these TOP UP services are R280.

Ask our stylists to recommend which TOP UP service best suits the needs of you and your hair. You can also have more than one TOP UP.

(Its like with Dr’s – but it’s with stylists … they ALWAYS know best.)





Take this opportunity to try out a treatment or some colour!

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