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label.m is another winner brand of ours.

They continue to put out really solid products all catering to the needs of our many clients. They produce really great results which is what we’re interested in and our stylists and customers are consistently happy with them.

With that in mind, label.m has recently released its new premium Diamond Dust range – a  shampoo, conditioner and body lotion which combines a fusion of FIVE special ingredients: GENUINE (forrrreal?!?!) White and Black Diamond Microfine Dust, Champagne, White Rose Petal Oil and Pearl Powder.


The whole Diamond Dust Collection is infused with rare White and Black Diamonds’ ethically-sourced from Belgium. The diamonds in the formulation go through a process called micronisation which crushes them into small dust-like particles. The tiny size helps them get into the hair-shaft more easily, ensuring gorgeous, glossy hair and shimmering skin.

(We’re not actually making this up – even the shaft part!)

I suppose you could also buy a whole lot of it and sift the diamond dust out and eventually offer it to your lover as an engagement ring/pile of diamond dust.

The whole Diamond Dust Collection is infused with rare white and black diamonds, ethically-sourced from Belgium

label.m says that “this rare potent blend helps to gently remove toxins and build up from the hair and scalp, with dramatic results in the overall look and condition at a touch. Not to mention enveloping your skin under a veil of subtle shimmer and smoothness.”

This would all be quite hard to believe were all their other products not so good …

With miniaturised diamonds in the mix, this is surely one product which you need to try at least once in your lifetime – I will be giving it a go with my hard-to-please-owners-scepticism (which I love).

If you do grab some, please let us know what you think.

The products are available in-salon or online (ShampooConditioner and Lotion) and obviously, being such premium products, are only available at label.m appointed salons worldwide.





This would all be quite hard to believe, if all label.m’s other products were not so damn good…

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