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We love the dark side here at scar.

Just recently we told you about the ridiculous amount of Crazy Color(s) with which we regularly brighten up the hair (and therefore lives) of our clients.

Now we move you into the darker side…

Sebastian Dark Oil is a product which we’ve recently added to our Sebastian portfolio.

Marketed as ‘Body in a Bottle’, it’s a styling oil which has the party trick of disappearing into the hair in seconds, thanks to it’s cool-sounding new DiffusX Technology, which ensures it leaves no trace behind except for body, control, shine and smoothness. So don’t hear the word “oil” and think grease … Its very light (even though; very dark) #confusing #butnot

Not only that, it replenishes from the inside out to smoothen the cuticle, and protects the hair against UV damage as well.

For those who are still reading; Sebastian Professional got started in the 70s, when John Sebastian and his wife, Geri Cusenza, and his brother Tony, started the Sebastian brand.

Leaves no trace behind except for body, control, shine and smoothness

The business was activated by their invention of a straightening iron, as well as a curling iron. Geri, in trying to curl the tresses of Barbra Streisand – and taking nearly a full day to accomplish that feat – created the crimping iron as a haircare innovation.

Two years later, the company started sales of professional liquid hair care products, and the rest as they say, is history – the brand is now over 30 years old and going strong! So is Barbara!

scar stocks various shampoos, conditioners, mousses and clays from the brand as well, so if the Dark Oil doesn’t grab you, check out some of the other products we stock in their range instead.

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