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scar actually has more than a decade of history with the Design Academy of Fashion (DAF). Back in the olden days (Pashhin-fo-Fashin)Andrew was a judge for their final year designers. We had scar clothing est. 1998, then on Long street opposite Pickwicks and Baseline and it was a then the space for the creative edge of Cape Town. They were all literally leaning over the edge … David West, Alfalfa, Cake, Miss MonneyPenny, Stiaan Louw, R7, Coppelia, Amanda Laird Cherry, Craig Native, Abigail Betz, Misfit all filled scar. It was shit loads of fun. ( more stories for another time but a story Andrew tells on repeat: picture Marina – scar employee; in the shop front window – which changed each day – sleeping/essentially hung over as a live mannequin. The shop front windows, which changed daily  were a hit. On repeat. Really need those pics from Lesley!)

That image of Marina in the scar window is one of Lesely Alyward of Mürg Arts pictures. There are many. Many hours and hours of fun was had . . . He has a collection of pics showing Long street in its glory (and schmory) days and you’ll see some one day (if he ventures into town – with a gigastick – from his Piketberg cabin).  This was all pre inter web. He did have a screening of some of his pics a few years ago at Alba Lounge on Long and essentially it was the old crew having a lol and loving life again. Reminiscing and also trying to forget. Some beautiful pics of Michael Carr (of the original scar 4’s) and since that screening we have also lost our beautiful Vaughan Lotter (also of the original 4’s) so those pics will definitely need to be tracked down. (Anyone heard from Les lately)? Such good memories for us.

Every picture becomes golden when someone great is gone.

Don’t be sad though  – its not sad – the memories quite simply are too good!

What.  A lot. We . Got.

Back to the living and incredibly fashionable. DAFinitely full of pashin, we’ve known Bianca and Nikki for many years now, Derek more recently from working with him at some of our Design Indaba shows over the years. Working with DAF is like working with some of the countries hottest young talent (and this obvs reminds us of our own hottest young talent); besides Andrew; who is old.

It seems DAF has a way of extracting, encouraging and working with a raw talent while teaching it how to function and thrive in the current industry. They teach so much more than fashion. And we too are all about teaching business. Its a joy partnering with them each year to make their end of year show as aesthetically excellent as it should be. It’s a pleasure to work with people who’s work makes it so easy to do so. We love creativity and talent in business. Good education is imperative for this and DAF clearly has it.

scar is big on education too, we run industry courses and workshops, and are partners in multiple hair and fashion events yearly.

It’s not always easy to choose which events to partner with as our whole year gets very busy, very fast. Not only with clients in the shop and the running of scar but with our own educational courses, International Look and Learns and workshops that we run twice a year. Partnering with DAF though, is a no brainer and we are proud to be involved with even more of our countries talent as a result of it.

We simply love this kind of local student enablement, and judging by the garments that were on display at the event, we have some very talented young designers about to head out there… Philippa Crooks was the winner for design excellence and Danmari Wege won the Truworthes prize for the most commercially viable range.

Corner Store with local artist Mia Chaplin were involved adding some local street flava-flave to the mix – cant wait for the next one!

Check out our (many!) pics from the event below!

TEAM scar


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