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We realise that the term ‘unwash’ possibly doesn’t conjure up the best imagery, but our new range of Unwash products have some pretty cool science behind them, so here it is:

Although associated with cleanliness, washing your hair can actually be bad for it, stripping away vital nutrients and oils which protect your hair and scalp.

You see, traditional shampoos were invented in the days when people didn’t wash their hair for (many) days at a time!

By the time these greasy MacGreasysians eventually got round to washing it, there was a thick layer of residue which needed a harsh shampoo to cut through it and remove it from the hair. Hence all the foam (#foamparty!).

Thankfully we live in a cleaner, more modern age now, but whilst our hygiene standards have evolved, our shampoos haven’t. Washing hair daily often results in hair being stripped of colour and being damaged by the harsh shampoo ingredients. All the foam has been kept in shampoos because people have associated the word ‘clean’ to all that foam and tehy now require it.

Safe for colour-treated hair and great for all hair types

Enter our new Unwash range consisting of an anti-residue cleanser, a bio-cleansing conditioner and a hydrating masque.

Safe for colour-treated hair and great for all hair types, these remove daily dirt without disrupting the cuticle whilst containing ingredients that nourish, condition and protect hair for improved manageability.

Unwash aims to ‘challenge conventional wisdom and the harsh cycle of traditional shampoo, condition, repeat.’

Still unsure?

Ask one of our uber (not the taxi) knowledgeable stylists for their (free) opinion and how best to use the products in the Unwash range.

Unwash Anti-Residue Cleanse


Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner

Unwash Hydrating Masque


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