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Our first Widow Maker barbershop located in Long Street has just had a new section built into it to keep up with client demand. Jody is now added to the crew there to assist with clients waiting time.

Our second WM; and also the #tiniestbarberintheworld – WM-jtie; is manned by Byron and is further into Long Street opposite Tigers Milk. Byron has recently cut 2 Springboks (not the buck) so things are pretty touch / pause / engage there and we look forward to a busy season at the Tjie store too.

Azaad back at WM was just interviewed by the Nomad Barber. This is a huge thing. He roams the world finding and sharing talent. Jonny Barber Joel, the mobile barber – and fantastic guy – popped in with him when he was in Cape Town recently and we will share his video of the shop when he does … Thank you to Jonny!

Anyone who’s been to WM will know its a cool spot. Whether you are waiting for your cut or beard trim or just popping by to say hi – its a nice spot to chill in. You can even order a glass or two of whiskey if you wish as you recline in your chair and wait for the fade …

This may be why Widow Maker also got listed as one of Cape Town’s top barbers in The Culture Trip’s article titled ‘The Six Best Barbershops in Cape Town’.

The Culture Trip mentioned that Widow Maker “mixes the gritty appeal of Long Street with the feel of a traditional barber” and that “Inside you’ll find wooden floors, exposed brick, classic barber chairs, and a slew of professionals ready to give you a quick snip or shave.”
Love hearing other peoples experiences of the shop…

Mixes the gritty appeal of Long Street with the feel of a traditional barber. #derrelict #Mugatu

Widow Maker also got some love from all the way overseas, featuring in a UK magazine named Modern Barber.
Check out the spreads below. So much of love!

Thanks to all our clients for all the support and for having high standards for your hair!

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