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We’ve featured Ikoo brushes here before – you may know that we use these magic brushes at the backwash basins as they’re the best for detangling without breaking, especially after colour processes when the hair is more vulnerable.

Further to that fascinating information, we must tell you about the new Paradise collection which we’ve now got in stock and about this new straightening hairbrush

According to Ikoo, the new Paradise collection is ‘inspired by summer days on the beach’ and the brushes are available with a ‘beautiful soft touch matte finish in pastel tones cotton candy, ocean breeze, fireball, sugar plum and orange blossom.’ (They had us at “summer”).


We’ve aquired the new Ikoo E-styler, which is thankfully NOT a type of hair-e-cigarette and basically combines the functions of brush and straightener, simplifying hair smoothing in a unique way. The hair slides without resistance through the bristle panel. By combining heat and the specific offset arrangement of the ceramic plates, the hair is smoothed.

Even if this nearly works on your hair type – it is amazing!!

These little hot brushes also feature an ionic function which prevents the whole static hair-standing-on-end scenario, five different heat settings for different hair types, and an auto-shut-off function so that in case you do fall asleep while brushing a section of hair – you hopefully only lose that one section of your hair and not your whole house.


They’re available in those limited edition Paradise colours, as well as the regular black and white.

If you haven’t tried Ikoo brushes – I koodn’t recommend it more – you’ll never go back to a regular brush. Ask for them in-salon, or buy them at our winkel here.


By combining heat and the specific offset arrangement of the ceramic plates, the hair is smoothed.

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